Site 100

May 23rd, 2013

Joust Master Lon McDonald

100 Rollovers
100 Weeks
1 Billion Points

Joust Tour reached the landmark 100th rollover at the Birthplace of Joust.
The Williams Building @ 3401 N California Chicago, IL

  • Gameplay was from 8 am – 2 pm cdt at WMS
  • Panel discussion was from 2 – 3 pm cdt at WMS
  • Joust machines on loan from: Galloping Ghost/ Doc Mack & Logan Hardware/Jim Zespy


  • Joust Development Team: Python Anghelo, John Newcomer, William Pfutzenreuter
  • WMS Interviewer: Roger Sharpe
  • WMS director of communications, Mollie Cole
  • Steve Sanders and his boys
  • Historian: Mark Hoff
  • Twin Galaxies’ Founder Walter Day to unveil Williams Trading Card

Awards and Recognition!

Trading Cards
Two special cards were presented at the event. Marking the role of Williams Electronics in the history of video games and Lon’s 100th Joust machine played at WMS headquarters.

An award was presented to WMS Director of Communications, Mollie Cole (who was the wonderful orchestrator of the on-site event at WMS) and Roger Sharpe.

Interviews and Q/A
Question and Answer session with WMS employees. Roger expressed just how monumental the development of Joust was to the continued success and ability for Williams to thrive in the early 80’s.

Special Thanks and Recognition
It is important to acknowledge and give special thanks to Lonnie’s wife Robin. Without the great females in our lives, we wouldn’t be allowed to “play video game” on a Wednesday evening during the work week! Cheers to Lon’s wife!

“Lonnie, you are the star of the show and I thank you for
making the gathering possible. Your skills and tenacity are amazing. It makes me
very happy to see a gentleman like you in the record books and all of us classic
developers thank you for putting light on that period of time in game history.

Steve, it was good to meet you and I can’t express how cool it is to see a
father/son combo playing Joust together. Mark, I enjoyed your hospitality and
taking a trip down memory lane. Your contributions to gaming is something to be
appreciated. And Walter, your work on legitimizing arcade scoring is priceless.
It has kept life in the classic games and made them more than a footnote in

Thank you all again for your hospitality”

Bill Pfutzenreuter, May 25th 2013