Technical Advice

Technical Advice on Jousts that are resetting

From Jeremy Smith:

Joust reset a few time before you played it.
It continued to do so quite often so I decided to troubleshoot it.

It turned out that the power supply was populated as a cocktail version (a cement resistor was missing and a 0 ohm resistor in a jumper position). Strangely, the serial numbers are all matching on the boards and cabinet so it was a mistake by Williams. Works 100% now.

I pulled the zero ohm resistor and installed the .4 ohm 3 watt resistor where it belonged. Incidentally, the machine was giving me a bunch of random RAM errors. After making the change to the power supply the RAM errors are a thing of the past.

I guess anything is possible….

The only way to know for sure is to check out the power supply. I’ve also had problems where the key pin on the male connectors wasn’t cut flush and the connectors don’t seat well. It wasn’t an issue 25 years ago but as the female connectors age they lose tension.

I suppose it could be powers supplies in need of a rebuild, cold solder joints or simply machines out to tarnish your impeccable record