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Lonnie McDonald is the Joustmaster!

Lonnie McDonald is on a quest to post 9,999,999 scores on every classic Joust video arcade game in America!

An early eighties world champion on the arcade classic, Lonnie began his quest in the summer of 2011 and continues it to this very day crisscrossing the USA!


The first 100 Machines are Complete!
Lonnie reached his goal to roll 100 machines in 100 weeks and post 1 billion points on May 23rd, 2013!


The second 100 Machines are Complete!

In July of 2018 Lonnie played the personal machine of Joust’s Creator John Newcomer at Classic Game Fest in Austin Texas as Joust 9999999 number 200.

On Jan 4th 2021, on Lonnie’s 60th Birthday, Lonnie played the 250th Joust to the defeat of the score counter.

Currently Lon has placed 9999999 on 250 Joust Machines!


250 Machines 9999999

All 50 States

Guiness World Records

Twin Galaxies World Records

Record Setter World Records

World Record Set in the original home of Twin Galaxies ( First since the 80s)

3 Machines in one location done back to back to back multiple times

12 Industry Trading Cards

Over 50,000 miles traveled


If you’d like Lonnie to play your Joust or attend an event as a VIP please use the contact form page link.

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