The Joust Tour has ended and Lonnie McDonald made history with his epic journey. This is certainly a significant accomplishment and Lonnie has demonstrated some extraordinary skills and determination in reaching his goal. But this journey would never have been possible were it not for the talents, vision and creativity of the original Joust Development Team. These pioneers in game design and development forged the game from raw ideas and made it an arcade classic that is still popular today.

This section is devoted to the legends of arcade game design in recognition of their own heroic feat. The Joustmaster team would like to pay tribute to each team member, and thank them for their hard work, innovation and mastery of arcade game design and development.

John Newcomer

Lead Designer

Python Anghelo


Bill Pfutzenreuter


John Kotlarik


Jan Hendricks


Tim Murphy


Ken Lantz

Programming Support

Cary Kolker