Joust Pinball Registry

This is the Joust Pinball machine registry!

Joust Pinball Pictures

Rollover #LocationDate PlayedOwnerCityStateCountryWeb SiteDate CreatedSerial NumberMachine StyleMachine History 
1Museum of PinballnoneJohn WeeksBanningCAUSA625561Pinball
2Museum of PinballnoneJohn WeeksBanningCAUSA624876Pinball
3Coin Op Hall of FamenoneEd BeelerHopewellPAUSA624080Pinball
4CollectornoneEstil VanceDFWTXUSA7/19/83625530Pinball
5Collector / PinsidenoneDaane BlouwGrand RapidsMIUSA8/30/82625522Pinballbought new by an operator in KY, It was on location for appox 2 yearsbefore it was pulled because it wasnÍt earning.The operate said " yeah, it used to set right by the door. It didnÍt make money. They would trip on the cord. So it sat in a couple warehouses until purchased in 2018.
7CollectornoneJourdan AdlerDenverCOUSA??402Blue Apron vs Black