Rollover Registry

This is a list of machines that Lonnie has rolled over on his quest to 100!

Rollover #LocationDate PlayedOwnerCityStateCountryWeb SiteDate CreatedSerial NumberMachine StyleMachine HistoryPlay Comments   
1Home Joust Machine11-JunLonnie McDonaldGrandviewMOUSA by Video Icon Steve Sanders I purchased a machine and practiced up.
2High Scores22-Jun-11Megan LivernocheBurlingtonNJUSA Scores has moved to California!Took 2 attempts: 1st attempt 9Mil and forgot to keep track of men_argh, Excellent 9999999 Interview on YouTube
31984 Arcade8-Jul-111984SpringfieldMOUSA on cab/built from several machinesUprightowned by 1984 since2009At the time this was the closest machine to travel to. It also had Steve Sanders hi score on it.
4Strong-National Museum of Play27-Aug-11Strong-National Museum of PlayRochesterNYUSA machine was purchased in August 2009 from Keith Feinstein, who used it as part of his Videotopia traveling arcade exhibit. What a joy. This multi-million dollar museum house The Strong, The National Museum of Play, International Center for the History of Electronic Game and has inside it part of what used to be considered the Videotopia Collection. The Shirt I wore was donated to the museum and is now part of history.
5Insert Coin Las Vegas5-Sep-11Las VegasNVUSA Coin night club machine was in great shape. Fermont Street, Las Vegas enough said.
6Pinball Hall of Fame9-Sep-11Tim ArnoldLas VegasNVUSA Hall of Fame Las Vegas owner serves as on the Histrory Channels programs I love. Growing up in the 60-70s I am a lover of pinball. I was like a kid in a candy store! Joust game play was great. I felt transported to my youth.
7Galloping Ghost Arcade14-Sep-11Galloping Ghost ArcadeBrookfieldILUSA 5-23-13 This machine was one of 4 machines loaned to LON McDonalds Joust Tour site 100 at WMS. Doc found the cabinet on Craigslist. The seller who had it had several Joust Cabinets in his storage,that he had sawed in half to make thin custom bowling arcade cabinets. It was the only one he had not altered. It did not work when Doc purchased it.Doc now has the largest arcade in the World. If you get to sign the wall as a Champion you too will feel important. The play was perfect, a lttle loose and super fast_.
8Logan Hardware15-Sep-11Jim ZespyChicagoILUSA hardware. This machine hated me! Maybe I was tired from just playing GG but I came out of memerory at 6.7 Million and had to fight to 10 Million. Logan Hardware will be supplying its second machine as the the site 100 machine at the Williams 3401 N Calfornia location May 23 2013
9Klassic Arcade16-Sep-11Kevin KetchumGoblesMIUSA 3rd machine in 3 days on this trip. Kevin has a nice little location which draws world class players from all over the USA. Hmm maybe I need a gel pad to sit on.
10Stella's17-Sep-11Mark SellersGrand RapidsMIUSA machine in 4 days. Stella's is owned by World Class Joust play Mark Sellers. Cool downtown, by the Stadium location. I got the chance to play with Mark for a while. Check the records I think he has a 82 Million point Marathon..impressive company.
11Ground Control12-Oct-11PortlandORUSA you play games and are serious if you dont go to Ground Kontrol why are you playing. It is an orginal. This was the first Joust Robotron I played.
12Dorky's16-Oct-11TacomaWAUSA has an interesting layout and combination of games. Live music. Most noteable, this machine is owned and serviced by Joust and Asteriods Marathon World Record Holder John McAllister. The goal of course now is to make that former WR holder. John has been very kind in his comments on my play. Rock on John!
13Blispy's Barcade6-Nov-11Los AngelesCAUSA fun at Blipys with Eric,Paul and Phil. Then the Joust.
14Castles and Coasters9-Nov-11PhoenixAZUSA machine was the 1st 8 way joystick. I think I sweat 6 pounds off and ended the game 1 minute before power shut off to the complex. Wow, Jeff H was there from Anchorage.
15Twin Galaxies Film Festival11-Nov-11OttumwaIAUSA World Record Marathon Doubles with Steve Sanders 40,120,150. 15hrs 1min. Then we killed off our guys.
16Power Play26-Nov-11ShawneeKSUSA another Joust in the KC area, This place is good clean fun. After playing 15 hrs with Steve it seemed like I hardly started.
17Zanzabar2-Dec-11Jon, Anthony WettigLouisvilleKYUSA RomJoust lovers paradise. The T-shirt the menu all are for Joust lovers. Great Pics and an article by Broken Token.
18Mega Play3-Dec-11MishawakaMIUSA Game, Pristine. I fell in love with the game. The owners were super kind to stay open a bit longer so I could roll the machine.
19KLOV Collector15-Dec-11Tavern/damonKaneoheHIUSANoneUpright
20KLOV Collector - Vintage Vault27-Dec-11Jeremy WagnerWarrentonMOUSAwww.thebasementarcade.com11/22/82609775UprightOwned machine since 2008. Purchased from an owner that had this single game in his apartment. He said he got it from a restaurant. Game was broke and turned out to be a bad power supply. Game was picked up in my van within days of my wife delivering our baby.Van blew an engine on the way to pickup and my brotherin law had to pick us up and the Joust to take us home in his truckJeremys home arcade is perhaps one of the nicest on earth. Great Videos of play time on his site.
21Barcade Philadelphia28-Dec-11BarcadePhiladelphiaPAUSA from private collector 2010In my quest of the Barcade Trifecta I rolled all three Barcades Philly 12-27, Jeresy City 12-28 and Philly 12-29
22Barcade Brooklyn29-Dec-11BarcadeJersey CityNJUSA from private collector 2011In my quest of the Barcade Trifecta I rolled all three Barcades Philly 12-27, Jeresy City 12-28 and Philly 12-29
23Barcade Jersey City30-Dec-11BarcadeBrooklynNYUSA my quest of the Barcade Trifecta I rolled all three Barcades Philly 12-27, Jeresy City 12-28 and Philly 12-29
24Richie Knucklez31-Dec-11FlemingtonNJUSA Last day of the orginal Richie Knucklez location marked 24 Machines in since June and 5 in a row by days. Richie performed special work to ready a machine for me. Proprs to RK.
25Electric Theater at Square Pizza11-Jan-12Mike FreelandIndependenceMOUSA sure this machine is stilll there. It seemed to run slightly more aggressive than others but hey I hadnt played in 2 weeks. Pizza_yum!
26KLOV Collector25-Jan-12Las VegasNVUSANoneUprightAnother fantastic KLOVer open his home arcade. Collectors and KLOV rock!
27Rusty Quarters17-Feb-12MinneapolisMNUSA Quarters, door to Minneapolis from KC and brought a padded chair. Living large. This place was jumping with activity I hadnt seen since the 80s
28Rubber Gloves24-Feb-12DentonTXUSA Scott Pattersons home court. Thanks to the assist from my Pal PSP.
29Last Arcade on the Planet10-Mar-12Los AngelesCAUSA hidden gem is a must. The machine played great, I started concentrating on ways to work less, save time and score much faster.
30Yestercades16-Mar-12RedbankNJUSA this from a dealer near Albany, NY who dropped it off (along with our Burgertime machine) back in the summer of 2011. This machine was part of our original line up when we opened the doors on October 21, 2011.Caught Yestercades on my trip to the Smithsonians Video Art Exhibit opening. I was really surprised to find an arcade this nice and unlike me I spent a bit of extra time on machines I didnt normally find.
31Jeff's Classic Arcade24-Mar-12Jeff WaldronSouth BendINUSA in 95 from repair person. Considered concernstone of collectionJoust lover! The Photo on the Site 50 Card is from on we took at Jeffs Arcade. History Dude_Jeff the
322084 Arcade7-Apr-12Robert WalkerBeggsOKUSA of two machine done this day. But it is one of 3 total I rolled at this KLOVers site. That ties the record for machine machine in 1 site with 3
332084 Arcade7-Apr-12Robert WalkerBeggsOKUSA at Dallas auction 2009Two of two machine done this day. But it is one of 3 total I rolled at this KLOVers site. That ties the record for machine machine in 1 site with 3
34Joystix9-Apr-12HoustonTXUSA I want the name! The machine was great. The host was great. Hmmm I should have asked for the Atari shirt he was wearing.
35Broken Spoke13-Apr-12Iowa CityIAUSA I grew up in Iowa, call me crazy but its my roots. Joust in a Bike Shop by Iowa University. Might one say we were on a roll?
36Mike's Carnevil14-Apr-12North EnglishIAUSA owned by Hawkeye Amusements since newI have 2 transplanted machines from Mikes Collection to mine. Black Tiger and Gorf. Mike has more machines that you will never see anywhere else_I am honored to call him my friend. The Game play was fastest to date pushing close to 4:30.
37Kato's (1)17-Apr-12AnchorageAKUSA 1 Anchorage Alaska, TV Interview. Back to Back Machines again on TV. Kudos to Jeff H for fixing one machine while I was playing another. Yes the same Jeff from Castles and Coasters in AZ.
38Kato's (2)17-Apr-12AnchorageAKUSA 2 Anchorage Alaska, TV Interview. Back to Back Machines again on TV. Kudos to Jeff H for fixing one machine while I was playing another. Yes the same Jeff from Castles and Coasters in AZ.
39KLOV Collector19-Apr-12Chris MansfieldSeattleWAUSANoneUprightChris Manfield, Collector supreme. His Joust was most excellent. The Joust record set by John McAllister in 2010 was set on Chis's machine. Thanks Chris!
40Envision Classics20-Apr-12MilwaukeeWAUSA Portland / Vancouver area arcade that sees a lot of experts play. The machine played get with the exception of my personal preference not to have a rivet under my hand. Most people would never notice it but I lean on my left had a lot. Other than that I really really enjoyed this sight and game play.
41Level Up22-Apr-12EugeneORUSA, Level up. This Game was the first of 3 to reset itself at exactly 9999999 and not let me put my name in. The play was super fast. They also had a pin I loved and I later purchased one like it for my collection.
42Disney Quest (1)4-May-12DisneyOrlandoFLUSA floor at Disney QuestDisney 1 of 2, Play in the worlds happiest place, on the world best arcade game? Indeed! Morning Disney Cast Meeting Meeting, Signed Poster by Cast. Playing other games with manager while Crew was closing down..priceless royal treatment. Disney at its Best.
43Disney Quest (2)4-May-12DisneyOrlandoFLUSA floor at Disney Quest. Note on machine incluse: Chicago Automatic Amusement Licenses #'s from 2000-2002. According to service stickers the Game was at Disney Quest Chicago until it closed. Game came to Disney Quest Orlando after DQ Chicago was closed. This Cabu=inet has also been upgraded to LCD Monitor when orginal was unrepairable.Disney 2 of 2, Play in the worlds happiest place, on the world best arcade game? Indeed! Morning Disney Cast Meeting Meeting, Signed Poster by Cast. Playing other games with manager while Crew was closing down..priceless royal treatment. Disney at its Best.
44Nickelmania (1)12-May-12Salt Lake CityUTUSA of 2. 2 locations of Nickelmania in Salt Lake area, played 1 then drove to other and rolled it same day!
45Nickelmania (2)12-May-12Salt Lake CityUTUSA of 2. 2 locations of Nickelmania in Salt Lake area, played 1 then drove to other and rolled it same day!
46Beercade19-May-12OmahaNEUSA to Omaha from KC. Excellent playing machine in a clean location. Video and conversation with Twin Galaxies Rep at location. Okay the guy with Beeercade looks like Jimmy Fallon.
47Penny Arcade (1)25-May-12Colorado SpringsCOUSA of 2. One of the oldest continually operating arcades in the USA. This arcade sets at the foot of Pikes Peak. I remember playing games here on a family vaction in the early 70s. Must play!!!!!
48Penny Arcade (2)25-May-12Colorado SpringsCOUSA 2. One of the oldest continually operating arcades in the USA. This arcade sets at the foot of Pikes Peak. I remember playing games here on a family vaction in the early 70s. Must play!!!!!
491 Up26-May-12DenverCOUSA This felt like a red rom. It ran a bit different but play was clean and crisp. 1Up is also the home of Twin Galaxies now.
50NW Pinball8-Jun-12SeattleWAUSA 50 in a Tux. Card for site 50 from Twin Galaxies with industry Icons Gary Stern, Steve Ritchie, Doug Watson and players Laidlaw and Weibe, Mansfield_and more Heady Heady company. Great Picture
51Shorty's9-Jun-12SeattleWAUSA machine and NW PIN. Same day. J/R played excellent. Table tops were recycled pinballs. Cool is an understatement.
52Magic Adventures9-Jun-12ForksWAUSA one more to make 3 machines in 2 days. Long beatuffil drive to the upper edge of WA. Newspaper article. Game play under 4:45.
53Underground Retrocade21-Jun-12East DundeeILUSA start of my 1 sweep from Midwest to East Coast and back which gannered 8 machine rollovers in 9 days and 3000 miles.
54Nickel World22-Jun-12Nickel World-KimRockfordILUSA 1997 locally, further history unknownOne of 2 machines rolled today at 2 locations.
55Star Worlds Arcade22-Jun-12DekalbILUSA of 2 today. Starworlds. Iconic location. Operating since the Golden age. I had to play here. SW, Thanks for the host and Kudos for the help at 30th Anniversarry later. Class.
56KLOV Collector24-Jun-12Johnson CityNYUSANONEUprightKLOV, KLOV, Collectors!, without collector 100 machines would most likely taken much much longer. Great picture of me playing Joust with the next generation. Got a cool tip on control cleaning.
57American Classic Arcade Museum at Fun Spot25-Jun-12LaconiaNHUSA world recognized location ACAM at Funspot . It also has honor of the only Joust Cocktail rolled in the Tour. The Scenery and people are world class and more games than you could ever play!
58Pinball Wizard26-Jun-12PelhamNHUSA fastest time to date. Close to 4 hours. Love the collection. Pinball, well I love it.
59Pinball Perfection29-Jun-12PittsburghPAUSA place is a true Time Warp. There were so many games I played as a kid I have dozens of pictures. Parts galore! What can you say when its a heat wave and the owner puts you in his AC office with a game. Honored.
60Arcade Legacy30-Jun-12BrookfieldOHUSA last of the first Midwest to East Coast and nack driving trip . The JR played great. Forgot I had my sunglasses on so I look cool in the pictures when the truth is far from it_lol
61Twin Galaxies Arcade14-Jul-12Mark HoffOttumwaIAUSA World Record by Lonnie ( LON ) McDonald on this upright at optical shop that Was Twin Galaxies on Joust 30th AnniversaryMark quietly organized an event and a WR Mame play at Twin Galaxies Orginal home. Unknowingly I was really sick running a very high temperature. I stopped and started a new game on the same file and TG disqualified it. tHe run exceeded the current record by 1.5 million point. Gota love that.
62Blairally Vintage Arcade21-Jul-12EugeneORUSA trip to Blairally, frst time there was a lighting strike that shut power down. This time success was at hand.
63Phoenix Nest Classic Video Arcade and Pinball23-Jul-12Mt VernonWAUSA machine in 24 hours. Arcade sits above seattle on the Map, great selection. Good play time.
64Scandia Family Fun Center24-Jul-12FairfieldCAUSA Machine in 24 hrs, flying from WA to CA I captured this second machine in less than 24 hours.
65Aquarius Records25-Jul-12San FranciscoCAUSA of 2 Machines today. Fresh off a blistering pace of play at Phoenix and Scandia I played at Aquarius Records in the morning then a Second location across town later. Vinatage Records and Videogames!
66Starbase25-Jul-12San RafaelCAUSA of 2 today, having just played AR in the AM , the evening was secured for Golden Age location Starbase. Few locations from the Golden Age of Games still survive. Thanks for the host Starbase!
67CAX (1)29-Jul-12Santa ClaraCAUSA of 2 today.California Extreme. Both machines played great. Played one next to Paul Dean and Richie Knuckelz Pole Position Competion setup. And 3rd machine was attempted twice but reset between 4-5 million each time.
68CAX (2)29-Jul-12Santa ClaraCAUSA of 2 today.California Extreme. Both machines played great. Played one next to Paul Dean and Richie Knuckelz Pole Position Competion setup. And 3rd machine was attempted twice but reset between 4-5 million each time.
69Grinkers Grand Palace10-Oct-12SteveEagleIDUSA Interview,machine reset at 999999 and would take name. Grinkers was under construction to open. From the vision the finish product looks great. See their website.
70Bene Pizza28-Oct-12OmahaNEUSA machine was orginally a Joust then converted to MultiWilliams
71Collector8-Nov-12PotosiMOUSANoneUprightBlistering play pace on a perfect playing machine. Drove to location from Branson.
72Beach Hut Deli15-Nov-12RenoNVUSA of 2 in 24 hours. Reno Beach Hut Deli, great theme. I love the beach and surfing. One of my favorite pictures from the Tour. Me with the staff.
73Lyons Arcade16-Nov-12LyonsCOUSA of 2 in 24 hours. After playing Reno, flew to Colorado and drove to Lyons playing and completing within a 24hr window.
74Head Quarters Beercade18-Nov-12ChicagoILUSA Bar Group Interview on You Tube.
75Screenland @ Crossroards28-Dec-13Kansas CityMOUSA in Mike Freelands Aracde withing the Screenland. Play time sub 4:30
76Game Preserve (1)30-Jan-13Ken GrahamHoustonTXUSA Green ROM serial # 597933, Ken has brought this machine back from from extinction as it had been changed to another game. Optical controls 1-27-83Record: 1st of 3 machines in this location played back to back to back within 24 hours. Owner of location is a form Williams programer!
77Game Preserve (2)30-Jan-13Ken GrahamHoustonTXUSA date found used Date from Controls. This game is another machine that Ken resurrected from having been changed to another game. Green ROM Serial Number 609908 Control Pannel 10-5-82Record: 2nd of 3 machines in this location played back to back to back within 24 hours. Owner of location is a form Williams programer!
78Game Preserve (3)30-Jan-13Ken GrahamHoustonTXUSA game has traded to a collector in Louisiana.Record: 3rd of 3 machines in this location played back to back to back within 24 hours. Owner of location is a form Williams programer!
79Perkins Communication1-Feb-13Troy PerkinsLawtonOKUSANone12/2/82605165Upright1 of 2. Perkins Communications back to back machines after a drive from Houston!
80Perkins Communication1-Feb-13Troy PerkinsLawtonOKUSANone12/8/82604118UprightOrginal owner Lawton novelty company in Lawton OK, purchased by Troy in 2010 out of semi in a field 25 miles west of Lawton. No keys, interesting films in the coin box.2 of 2. Perkins Communications back to back machines after a drive from Houston!
81Ridgewood Center2-Feb-13DallasTXUSA reset and wouldnt allow name. Play did not seem to be red.
822084 Arcade3-Feb-13Robert WalkerBeggsOKUSA matching,Bought froma gentleman who had owned it since the mid 80s. They traded it for cash and an old truck.3rd machine rolled at this location Ties a record!
83Insert Coin(s) Minneapolis16-Feb-13MinneapolisMNUSA of 2nd Midwest to East Coast driving tour. Garnering 14 machines in 14 days. 1 of 2 in 24 hours .Machine played fine sub 4:30, 2 2 of 2 of 24 hours. in The place was hoping. Interesting change from early evening to late night vibe.
84Collector17-Feb-13Adam C. KooyerMinneapolisMNUSAwww.adamsarcade.netUpright2 of 2 in 24 hours .Machine played fine sub 4:30, 2 2 of 2 of 24 hours. in The place was hoping. Interesting change from early evening to late night vibe.
85Rossi's Vintage Arcade and Pizzeria/ Machine now at aftershock retrogames18-Feb-13MadisonWIUSA now at AfterShockRossis was a playing dream. Played some vintage pinball, signed Tg cards and a copy of Ready Player 1 and set 4:20 pace.
86Nino's Pizza and Subs19-Feb-13Kevin KetchumGoblesMIUSA 2012 from Star World Amusement in KalamazooSecond machine owned by Kevin K from Gobles. Massive snow storm!
87Lunar Lounge KLOVer G3N3R1C20-Feb-13Jeremy SmithShelby TownshipMIUSANone10/18/82594747UprightFCC machine stenciled. Excellent playing, fun party!
88Super Awesome Arcade2/20/13J GiegerColumbusOHUSANoneUprightOne of the fastest play times at 4:21! They helped locate another machine ran the next day within 24 hrs. Kudos
89Video Game and Music Exchange21-Feb-13ColumbusOHUSA set a great pace pumling this machine but it had the last laugh not allowing my name_lol
90Collector22-Feb-13BuffaloWVUSANONEUprightIt was great to get this one in. The year before it was scheduled and a tornado struck the area causing region wide damage and an obvious cancel. The return was great. Glad to see everyone safe.
911984 Wilimington2/24/13WilmingtonDEUSA, made it the night beforelate and watch the patrons play. There were some excellent players. Ran a Million off and decided not to adjust the control for the next day. Another great machine. Hey these people had great games, people loving on them and live music.
92Collector25-Feb-13ColumbiaSCUSANONEUprightGetting my vote for one of the most interesting places: A historc Mill now used as storage. Long Underwear! Fun time had by all!
93The Alley26-Feb-13CharlestonSCUSA Interview. Only slight adjustments on the screen. 11th machine of 14 on this swing.
94Collector27-Feb-13FreeburgILUSANoneUprightTown reminded me of my hometown. Klov collector was super gracious. You might think by now I would be getting worn out..nope!
95Collector28-Feb-13GenevaILUSANoneUprightBack to Chicago area 95. Superb playing machine. Wonderful chats about play and cool play with youngest doubles partner!
96Game Galaxy1-Mar-13NashvilleTNUSA was at Game Galaxy when I played it - Sold to-Game Galaxy and finally meet Clint from Aurcade. Last machine #14 on swing and I was a bit tired. Next day Corvette Museum.
97Gamers HQ9-Mar-13TopekaKSUSA Interview and a new Joust location Driveable from KC!
98Strykers Main Street Arcade (1)15-Mar-13Oregon CityORUSA of 2 , Great Downtown location !
99Strykers Main Street Arcade (2)16-Mar-13Oregon CityORUSA new in 1982, machine died in 1984 and set in storage until purchased2 0f 2. Blistering pace completing 2 machines for 98 and 99!
100WMS/Logan Hardware (2)5/23/13ChicagoILUSA 100 WMS running Red Rom, The Williams Building from the date of Joust launch.
1011 Up (2)16-Nov-13DenverCOUSAUpright2nd machine at 1UP played a 26 hour 52Million point marthon at KO3
102Geekfest26-Apr-14GunthersColumbiaMOUSAUprightRolled at 2014 Geefest in Columbia
1032084 Arcade/ now close and in his private Oicade arcade4/21/15Kalan HarvestStantonCAUSA10/11/82600982Uprightpurchased from previous owner Jan 9 2014 from Martines CA
104Lonnie McDonald JROK Board WR7/26/15Lonnie McDonaldGrandviewMOUSAwww.joustmaster.comJROK NEW611606CocktailNEW JROK BOARD in main cab for new JROK WR
105Up-Down7/29/15Up-DownKansas CityMOUSAwww.updownkc.com12/9/82581184Upright
107Barcadia2/27/16New OrleansLAUSAnonenoneUprightTeam Play version
108Pints and Pixels2/29/16HuntsvilleALUSAwww.pintsandpixels.pub599763Upright
109Neon Retro Arcade3/12/16PasadenaCAUSA12/13/82605870Upright
110Fun Factory3/13/16Redondo BeachCAUSATPTPUprightTeam Play Version
111Museum of Pinball3/17/16John WeeksBanningCAUSA10/11/82593493Upright
112Sister Bar3/18/16Daniel ReinhardAlbuquerqueNMUSAlocked588075Upright
113GCW-RetroCade3/28/16Michelle KuglLawrenceKSUSA2/4/83613225UprightRed RomSold by GCW- Retro Cadeplayed at GCW
114Brewers Arcade4/10/16Joe BrewerMt RainerMDUSA12/6/82604175Upright
115Baxter Arcade4/11/16Chapel HillNCUSA11/23/82602704Upright
116Level Up4/13/16RalieghNCUSA10/18/82594568Upright19-1
117Tapper Arcade Bar5/6/17IndianapolisINUSA3/17/83613932Upright
118The Place Retrocade5/7/16Cary ChaneyCincinnatiOHUSA9/20/82583814Upright
119Coin Op Hall of Fame5/8/16Ed BeelerHopewell TownshipPAUSA12/29/82603391UprightJrok
120Collector5/10/16PatManassasVAUSA6/7/82580076UprightJrok early39th StateThis machine had been converted and painted over, Pat stripped the paint to find this Joust!
121Galway collection5/12/16William & Bobbi GalwayErvingMAUSA1/19/83610646Upright40th State
122Tilt5/13/16Thom/MikeSouth BurlingtonVTUSA5/10/82573966UprightConverted Robotron to Multiwilliam41st State
123Barcade New Haven5/14/16Steven MgrNew HavenCTUSA10/27/82596525Upright42nd State
124Warp Zone Arcade6/9/16Jeff HubbardBrandonMSUSA11/18/83611606Cocktail43Rd State
125Southern Fried Gaming Expo6/11/16AtlantaGAUSA3/15/83613013Upright44th State
126Cactus Jacks6/18/16Oklahoma CityOKUSA2/3/83611610Upright
127Retrocade SD7/29/16Scott Mosey / Roxy HinzeAberdeenSDUSA1/18/83610657UprightPurchsed in a garge sale for 50.00. Fix board and repaired cab. A favorite in the arcade. Has been played by Ernest Cline of Ready Player 1 fame.45th state
128Collector7/30/16John FuliamBismarkNDUSA1/3/83609864Uprightalso has MultiWilliams46th state
129Collector7/31/16Matt BurgardtCasperWYUSA10/6/82593315UprightRed Rom47th state
130Collector8/1/16Peter MortelMissoulaMTUSA1/28/83597083UprightGreen Rom48th state
131Hyperspace9/3/16LakewoodCAUSA12/15/82606190UprightGreen Rom
132HighScores Hayward9/5/16HaywardCAUSA12/13/82605819UprightRed Room
133Starfighter arcade9/10/16MesaAZUSA9/4/82610112UprightGreen Rom
134Analog10/11/16Kyle CarterDavenportIAUSA12/16/82595649UprightGreen Rom
13516 Bit Bar10/12/16CincinattiOHUSA11/15/82600386UprightGreen Rom
13616 Bit Bar10/13/16JackieColumbusOHUSA11/22/82601867UprightGreen Rom
137Level 110/14/16ColumbusOHUSA10/16/82594311UprightRed Rom
138Robot City10/15/16BinghamtonNYUSA11/10/82601402UprightGreen Rom
139Morristown GameVault10/15/16David BalsaminiMorristownNJUSA11/10/82599587UprightGreen RomHas J2 also
140Arcadia National Bar10/16/16Dave AcetoPortlandMEUSA11/9/82599061UprightGreen Rom49th State
141Shelter Arcade Bar10/20/16MikeProvidenceRIUSA12/10/82603896UprightGreen Rom50th StateCompletion of 5 Years and 50 States
142Arcade Revival Event10/21/16Grant GarvinProvidenceRIUSA1/25/83610365CocktailGreen Rom
143Arcade Revival Event10/22/16Jay LeoneProvidenceRIUSA1/24/83605622UprightGreen Romcp belonged to Brian Diamontirunning rare orginal experimental optical williams joysticks from 1982
144Twin Galaxies 35th Anniversary11/18/16Jason ShifferOttumwaIAUSA2/7/83613197UorightGreen RomOn loan from Old School Pinball and Arcade in Grimes Iowa:In Arcade set up for Twin Galaxies 35th Anniversary Celebration
145Collector2/9/17Brad BeckwithKansas CityMOUSA10/1/820UprightGreen RomPurchased for Justin in Platte city Mo
146The Game Show2/17/17JustinJolietILUSA11/11/17599828UprightGreen RomWas played at now closed Chicago St Pinball
147Logan Aracde2/18/17Jim ZespyChicagoILUSA1/13/83610219CocktalGreen Rom
148Collector3/20/17Darren SulfridgeDFWTXUSA10/19/82591816UprightGreen RomSigned by both Newcomer and I at Lets Play in 2016
150National VideoGame Museum3/21/17JohnFriscoTXUSA610050UprightJROKjrok world recordgreen in cab
151Collector3/19/17Alan BradyJoplinMOUSA12/9/82590157UprightGreenOnce was at the Joplin area Roller Skating Rink prior to the F5 tornado.
151Free Play Richardson3/21/17RichardRichardsonTXUSA11/29/82603383UprightGreen Rom
152Quarter Arcade3/22/17BedfordTXUSA1/3/83611238UprightGreen Rom
153Collector11/1/11Steve SandersKansas CityMOUSA0Upright
154Level 257 Namco6/12/17SchaumburgILUSA1/3/83609701UprightGreen RomPurchased from Tokens and Tankards
155Arkadia8/1/17Shea MathisFayettevilleARUSA10/21/82595060Uprightpulled from a chick coup in 2015machine 2
156Collector y8/2/17Mark ShieldsHoustonTXUSA3/17/83615556UprightGreen RomThis machine still has Texas, Houston,Harris county tax registration stickers 83/84 by coin doors. Purchased for 200.00 from local industrial machine parts manufacturer who kept this and a Stargare and Sinistar to entertain the kids and grand kids.
157Free Play Arlington y8/5/17ArlingtonTXUSA0UprightGreen Rom
158Lets Play Gaming expo8/6/17Estil vanceDFWTXUSA2/18/83616203CocktailGreen Rom
159Missouri Game Con 2- Belongs at Two Plumbers Brewery Arcade8/13/17Robert SchowengerdtSt. CharlesMOUSA1/3/83609559UprightGreen
160Press Play Bar9/6/17Mile HighBoulderCOUSA594911UprightMachine would not take a name, upon entering it and pressing the flap button to finish it reset to rug pattern. I check 3times to ensure it had a glich, all three games reset. It was also running 66,000 per extra man and difficulty 9, no access to modify
161Collector y9/7/17Jeff PetersSalt Lake CityUTUSA12/23/82598612UprightGreen ROMUSNVGT Member
162Space Bar9/8/17Will HayBoiseIDUSA12/24/82616367UprightGreen ROM
163Collector y9/9/17David ThompsonGlendaleAZUSA10/14/820UprightJrokRunning JROk Red, rom board not present , could not a cabinet number
164Cobra Arcade Bar9/10/17AudiPhoenixAZUSA12/2/82603914UprightGreen RomRunning JROK red
165Collector y9/30/17Derrick CammeronBangorMEUSA11/8/82598911UprightGreen Rom
1668 Bit Arcade Renton WA10/9/17RentonWAUSA607833UprightGreen Rom
167Vector Volcano Classic Arcade10/11/17Brett PulliamBendORUSA11/17/82609718UprightGreen Rom
168The Coin jam10/12/17SalemORUSA12/6/82604327UprightRed Rom
169Quarter World Aracde10/13/17LoganPortlandORUSA12/16/82600705UprightGreen Rom
170Mike Mahaffey Collector10/14/17Mike MahaffeyTigardORUSA12/28/82568217UprightPurchased in 1987
171Collector y10/15/17David ShermanKeizerORUSA9/1/82590688UprightRed Rom
172Garcade11/1/17MadisonWIUSA3/23/83615809UprightGreen RomDone at Geeks Mania
173Geeks Mania y11/2/17Kyle BaileyMadisonWIUSA1/3/83610206Cocktailfrom Tim Foley, 2017
174Vintage Vault11/3/17MadisonWIUSA9/28/82581171UprightRed RomDone at Geeks Mania
175Ottumwa Old Town ArcadeJerry ByrumOttumwaIAUSA3/23/83600291UprightJrokDone at my International VideoGame Hall of Fame Induction
1768 Bit Beer arcade11/17/17Jason PaceyBloomingtonILUSA11/3/82607190Uprightunsure
177Flashback RetroPub11/30/17Jose RodriguezOklahoma CityOKUSA11/9/82599138UprightJammahardlike difficultly 9
178Pixel Blast12/15/17TJ MinnichLisleILUSA10/27/82596741UprightGreen Rom
179Man Cave12/16/17Jeremy FloydFT WayneINUSA10/27/82596710UprightGreen Rom
180The Arcade1/19/18Derek SorrellsWitchitaKSUSA11/24/82607235UprightGreen Rom
181Collector2/7/18Jeff WaltersWitchitaKSUSA11/1/82597503UprightGreen Rom
182High Score Saloon3/10/18Jared NeibleEvansvilleINUSA12/30/82599267UprightGreen ROM323 Main St Evansville IN
183Zanzabar ( Joustnumber 2 of 2)3/11/18Antz Yent WettigLouisvilleKYUSA11/12/82602849UprightGreen Rom
184Chales Scott3/12/18Charles ScottNew RichmondOHUSA10/26/82596420UprightRed RomPurchased non working
185Man Cave3/13/18Jeremy FloydFT WayneINUSA10/26/82596420UprightRed Rom
186Collector3/13/18Ryan TildenWarsawINUSA11/3/82603300UprightGreen RomSecured by a trade of a Stargate
187Izzys3/14/18IzzysNilesILUSA12/20/82611889UprightGreen Rom
188Rossi's Pizza3/15/18Star WorldsMononaWIUSA11/23/82599798UprightGreen Rom
189Collector3/16/18Aaron SchmittAppletonWIUSA12/22/82607538UprightGreen Rom
190Collector3/17/18Tim LuinstraTravserse CityMIUSA11/19/82601407UprightJROK
191Pop Off World3/19/18Don BehmDetroitMIUSA11/30/82612573UprightGreen Rom
192Collector4/4/18Todd ThompsonEmporiaKSUSA11/10/82601003UprightGreen ROMJROK
193Bonus Round4/17/18NickPhoenixAZUSA6/4/82579287UprightGreen Rom
194Collector4/19/18Todd ElleringGilbertAZUSA12/17/82606629UprightGreen Rom
195Collector4/20/18Daryl DancikChandlerAZUSAnone606871CocktailJROK
196ZapCon- Collector4/21/18Stephen TPhoenixAZUSA10/7/82593236UprightRed Rom
197ZapCon- Collector4/21/18Kent PontercoPhoenixAZUSA11/8/82598930UprightGreen Rom
198ZapCon- Collector4/21/18Zack JohnsonPhoenixAZUSA9/25/82579994UprightRed Rom
199ZapCon- Collector4/22/18JawhnPhoenixAZUSA597943UprightRed Rom
200John Newcomer7/28/18John NewcomerTXUSA605073UprightJohn Newcomer is the Develpoer and this machine was the one he selected from Williams
201Freeplay Denton7/30/18DentonTXUSAnone611453CocktailGreen Rom
202Collector Y7/31/18Aaron SandersMontgomeryTXUSA11/8/82598932Upright
203collector y12/19/18David Curtis HillCorte MaderaCAUSA9/18/82590337UprightGreen RomIn a Robotrn Cab
204Justin Stone12/22/18Justin StoneOxnardCAUSA12/6/18604348UprightGreen Rom
205Collector3/2/19Rod BadeLincolnNEUSA12/28/82608541UprightPurchased from an operator for 150.00, had been converted to a poker game. Covert back to Joust running JROK
206Up Down Des Moines4/5/19BenDes MoinesIAUSA608519Uprright
207Up Down Minneapolis4/6/19UpDownMinneapolisMNUSA12/2/82583733UprightGreen Rom
209Collector y4/14/19Ahmed RedaLittle RockARUSA11/3/82598059UprightGreen Rom
210Collector4/26/19Stacy GouldieEldonMOUSA5/21/82600682UprightGreen Rom
211Coin Haus5/16/19Coin HausLa MesaCAUSAnot open600896UprightGreen Rom? Repop Cab
212Survivors Arcade5/17/19Bruce GlickHuntington BeachCAUSA12/9/82596557UprightGreen RomPaul Deans old machine with different side art
213Museum of Pinball5/19/19John WeeksBanningCAUSA1/25/83610360Cocktail
214Barcade Los Angles5/19/19BarcadeCAUSA11/30/82609826UprightGreen rom
215Collector y5/21/19Mike MoffittSan JoseCAUSA12/29/82609376UprightGreen Romat Google X
216Collector y5/22/19Tim DeanApplegateCAUSA1/5/83610041UprightGreen Rom
217Collector y5/23/19David Curtis HillCorte MaderaCAUSA4/12/83616242CocktailjrokSF CA area
218Collector5/24/19Jon KoolpeSan BrunoCAUSA1/13/83584270UprightRed RomSecond owner,purchased in 2003 from the orginal arcade owner in 2003 for 200.00!
219Collector5/25/19Chris MillerSan FranciscoCAUSA1/26/83611963CocktailSellingPreviously Eric Bender's
220Chill Ice Cream Studio6/21/19Chris KulusFarmingtonMNUSA11/23/82601729Uprightgreen
221RetroVolt Arcade11/3/19BobCalimesaCAUSA10/27/82597048Upright
222Game Lab11/3/19Chuck CaseyRiversideCAUSA11/19/82601558Upright
223Collector text11/8/19Dana DeckerAnahiemCAUSA6/16/82611617Upright
224Up Down STL11/23/19St LouisMOUSA8/28/83608519UprightGreen Rom
22516 Bit Bar11/24/19NashvilleTNUSA10/5/82593192Upright
226Portal Pinball11/26/19Bryan BroylesKennesawGAUSA10/12/82596228Upright
227Primal Arcade Collection11/27/19Christopher WalkerLilburnGAUSA1/19/83594901uprightOwned Primal
228Arcadia/Red Door Tavern11/27/19Michael Brian RichAtlantaGAUSAnot open601229upright
229collector y11/30/19D.J MederWestfieldINUSA10/21/82603595UprightWas converted to Mortal Combat, is being converted back to Joust
23016 Bit Indy12/1/19IndianapolisINUSA10/14/82594561Upright
231collector y12/2/19Chris FitzpatrickIndianapolisINUSA10/25/82605348upright
232Collector y12/14/19Jaspyr SheridanPuyallupWAUSA10/5/82590475Uprighthad been owned by at least 2 other collectors 1 in Portland and one in Seattle
233Emporium Oakland12/18/19CAUSAnot open613434Upright
234Collector y e12/19/19John GergoryWalnut CreekCAUSA12/1/82603443Upright
235Emporium SF12/20/19San FranciscoCAUSA9/1/82613434Upright
236Player 2 Arcade Bar1/15/20AppletonWIUSA11/5/82598713UprightGreen Rom
237HeadlessHorseman Arcade1/16/20Udey KumraChicago NorthILUSA11/22/82601871UprightGreen Rom
238Prince Arcades1/17/20Jeremy FoxBolingbrookILUSA10/21/20606433UprightGreen Rom
239I/O Arcade Bar1/20/20Vintage VaultMadisonWIUSA613943Upright
240Up Down Milwaukee1/21/20MilwaukeeWIUSA10/23/82596350UprightRed Rom
241Collector5/13/20Brandon PaithLees SummitMOUSA12/6/82604287UprightGreen Rom
242Double Tap Beercade6/27/20Cedar FallsIAUSA596117Upright
244Collector7/18/20Jeremy FloydFt WayneINUSA604653Cocktailnot on floorPreviously at the Coin Slot in traverse City MI
245Collector y7/19/20Bradley LutzOsceolaWIUSA11/5/82598549UprightGreensmalltownguy2
Registry of all machines that Lonnie has rolled over.