Machine Registry known but not rolled over

Joust machine registry known but not rolled over

Machine ListLocationDate PlayedOwnerCityStateCountryWeb SiteDate CreatedSerial NumberMachine StyleMachine History  
1Z82 RetrocadenoneSherwoodARUSAUpright
2Desert Sky GamesnoneMike ValmikeChandlerAZUSAupright
3Quazars ArcadenoneVictoriaBCCanada
4Paul Dean - Private Location NnonePaul DeanRiversideCAUSAUpright
5Collector ynoneDavid Curtis HillCorte MaderaCAUSA616242CocktailSF CA area
6CollectornoneJon KoolpeSan BrunoCAUSA1/13/83584270UprightSecond owner,purchased in 2003 from the orginal arcade owner in 2003 for 200.00!
7Collector ynoneMike MoffittSan JoseCAUSA12/29/82609376Upright
8Coin Op Gas LampnoneSan DiegoCAUSA
10CollectornoneBryan McPhailSpace CoastFLUSA10/28/82596895UprightPurchsed in Late 2016 from a family that owned it from the late 80s, broke in 2001 and hadnt been powered on till the current owner Rebuilt PSU and replaced some RAM.Running Great now
11CollectornoneBryan McPhailSpace CoastFLUSA12/14/82606136UprightThis has been converted to a chopper lift at some point
12Daytona Arcade MuseumnoneDaytona BeachFlUSAunknown
13Flashback GamesnoneLoganvilleGAUSAUprightConverted to Williams Multi in a Joust Cab
14Primal ArcadenoneAlpharettaGAUSAupright
15Collector ynonePhil MurrBasingstokeHampshireUKUpright
16Collector ynonePhil MurrBasingstokeHampshireUKUpright
17Tappers Arcade BarnoneJeff MoultonIndianapolisINUSA3/14/83613932UprightPurchased from Prince arcades
18CollectornoneMichael ConnerLanesvilleINUSAUpright
19CollectornoneJason SpindlerEvansvilleINUSA11/3/82598370UprightGreen ROMnext door neighbors to Jared Neible
20CollectornoneDerek GibbsINUSACocktail
21collector ynoneD.J MederWestfieldINUSA10/21/82603595UprightWas converted to Mortal Combat, is being converted back to Joust
22CollectornoneJason BradleyLouisvilleKYUSACocktail
23CollectornoneAndrew RuthNorthvilleMIUSA11/5/82598627UprightMatt Boardman, Bought Nov 7 2015 from female owner in Frederk Maryland, the previous owners Dad had bought them from a restaurant owner when she was a kid.Sold To Andrew Ruth
24Collector ynoneZack GreenTemperanceMIUSA597173UprightGreen ROMOwned since in 2008 by a friend, it was on the curb to go to the dump. Machine has been rebuilt by Zack G.
25Collector ynoneAlan RadueDetroitMIUSAwww.tranquilitybasearcade.com9/2/82590237Upright
26The Coin SlotnoneTravserse CityMIUSAUprightnot on floor
27CollectornoneBaxWestlandMIUSA11/18/82601762UprightPrior to owning this was stored in a garage for 10 years
28CollectornoneRandy SmithSpring Lake ParkMNUSACocktail
29collectornoneJohn HunterClintonMOUSA3/16/83615528Upright
30collectornoneJohn HunterClintonMOUSA11/1/82607675UprightRed rom
31CollectornoneShane HillCharolotteNCUSA11/1/82597282UprightYellow no line ( Red)Bought in 2012 in Raleigh NC and had been in private owner hands since the late 80s
33Boxcar Arcade BarnoneGreenboroNCUSA
34Ashwville Pinball MuseumnoneAshevilleNCUSA
35CollectornoneRod BadeLincolnNEUSA12/28/82608541UprightPurchased from an operator for 150.00, had been converted to a poker game. Covert back to Joust running JROK
36CollectornoneJosh SoudersLeesburgNJUSA9/28/82584089UprightRed Rom
37Richie KnuckelznoneRichie KnuckelzFlemingtonNJUSA1/16/83611001Cocktail
38Sister barnoneDaniel ReinhardAlbuquerqueNMUSA12/16/82606342UprightPreviously owned by AaronGaskin, Sold ( Daniel Reinhard)to the owner of Sister bar in ALBQ Restored, Stenciled sideart, New CPO, Bezel etc.bought from owner of Sister bar but not the one I played at SB
39Collector ynoneDavid HamiltonNewmainsNorth LanarkshireUnited KingdomCocktail
40Arcade CavenoneBrooklynNYUSA
41Barcade NYCnoneNYCNYUSA
42ResetnoneRossfordOHUSAUprightmicroswitch flap / unpayable
43PJ GamersnoneLucas DeWoodyBroken ArrowOKUSA11/2/82597955Uprightclosed
44Collector nnoneMatthew McCullochTulsaOKUSA12/1/82603486UprightGreen Roms
45EightyThree Arcade NnoneDean WenzelTuttleOKUSAUpright
46Big Rig BrewerynoneKanataONCanadajoust- williams multigame in robotron cab
47Joeys arcade ynoneJoey HarperNorth BendORUSA11/17/82601109UprightGreen RomFound in a garge
48CollectornoneRob MankeClackamasORUSA606849Cocktaildate stamp not stenciled inside. Sticker outside- 82362 ? 12/28/82
49Game OvernoneChrisLincoln CityORUSA596931Upright19-1
50Game PathnoneMt St HelensORUSAupright
51CollectornoneJacob AshleyPortlandORUSA10/6/82593117UprightGreen RomJROK
52Time Line ArcadenoneHanoverPAUSA11/24/82602505UprightConverted to 60-1 Buttons made it unplayable
54CollectornoneBrianWallingfordPAUSA600459Cocktailcoverted to caveman ninja
55CollectornoneBrian DiamontimeEast ProvidenceRIUSA1/30/83611351UprightGreen RomBought in 2014 from Shawn Pierce who had it on location at Action Amusements /New London CT- New CPO
56Electric Circus UK- Steve PagettnoneStetfordSolihullUnited Kingdom
57Flashback ArcadenoneMufreesboroTNUSAupright
58Head Quarters Beercade NashvillenoneNashvilleTNUSA
59Attack BarcadiumnoneMurfreesboroTNUSA
60CollectornoneEstil VanceDFWTXUSA9/28/82581584Upright
61Collector ynoneWill ReadyAustinTXUSA10/8/82594423Upright
62Kung Fu SaloonnoneTroy CramerAustinTXUSAUprightNever can confirm its playable
63collector ynone(stoney)FateTXUSA59834?Upright
64collector ynoneRobert Douglas Gault 2FateTXUSA?UprightCurrently not running
65Pinballz Lake Creek LocationnonePinballzAustinTXUSAUpright
66CollectorNoneJeff PetersSlat Lake CityUTUSA610343Cocktail
67CollectornoneRobert McNally RaffertyChesapeakeVAUSA12/29/82609085Uprightpurchased 9/1/2015 game was converted to Martial Champion, with extensive work on it. It is being converted back.
68Pilgrams Knob WVnoneRoman MullinsPilgrams KnobVAUSA12/3/82606881CocktailBought at an entertainment auction in Seriverville TN for 430.00. When the bid came up it started having monitor issues and the assistant let the bidders know slowing the bid. Leaving Roman and one more person, 430 was as high as he could go_it was enough. Problem with the sync was a loose molex connector on the RAM board for the rgb/gs, five minute fix.
69CollectornoneGary M McTaggartCarnationWAUSA
70Collector ynoneJaspyr SheridanPuyallupWAUSA10/5/82590475Uprighthad been owned by at least 2 other collectors 1 in Portland and one in Seattle
71Silver Coin arcadenoneBradley CzechGreen BayWIUSAUprighthas been coverted to another game
72Silver Coin arcadenoneBradley CzechGreen BayWIUSACocktail
73Eau ClairGames and ArcadenoneStar WorldsEau ClaireWIUSA
74Collector ynoneLes PottsUnited KingdomUpright
75Collector ynoneLes PottsUnited KingdomUpright
76Collector ynoneLes PottsUnited KingdomUpright
77Collector ynoneJames DexterManchesterUnited Kingdom1/18/82609629Cocktail
78Collector ynoneJohn BudGlasgowUnited KingdomCocktail
79ArcadehrynoneCereny UjezdCZUprightCzech repiublic