Joust Cocktail Registry

This is the Joust Cocktail machine registry!

Rollover #LocationDate PlayedOwnerCityStateCountryWeb SiteDate CreatedSerial NumberMachine StyleMachine History Belonged to Lonnie McDonald - Sold to 
Collector ynoneDavid Curtis HillCorte MaderaCAUSA616242CocktailSF CA area
147Logan Aracde2/18/17Jim ZespyChicagoILUSA1/13/83610219CocktalGreen Rom
124Man CaveJeremy FloydFt WayneINUSA11/18/83611606CocktailGreen & JROKLonnie Purchased from Dane Tullock in 2014, Sold in 2018 to Jeremy
CollectorNoneDerek SorrellsWitchitaKSUSA604624Cocktailcould not chage out of 5 mensold to -
CollectornoneJason BradleyLouisvilleKYUSACocktail
CollectornoneRandy SmithSpring Lake ParkMNUSACocktail
57Fun Spot6/25/12American Classic MuseumLaconiaNHUSAhttp://funspotnh.comCocktailIconic Game at one of the Worlds largest and most famous arcades
Richie KnuckelzNoneRichie KnuckelzFlemingtonNJUSA1/16/83611001Cocktail
Collector ynoneDavid HamiltonNewmainsNorth LanarkshireUnited KingdomCocktail
CollectornoneRob MankeClackamasORUSA12/28/82606849Cocktaildate stamp not stenciled inside. Sticker outside- 82362 ? 12/28/82
CollectornoneBrianWallingfordPAUSA600459Cocktailcoverted to caveman ninja
142Arcade Revival Event10/21/16Grant GravinProvidenceRIUSA1/25/83610365CocktailGreen Rom
158Lets Play Gaming expo8/6/17Estil vanceDFWTXUSA2/18/83616203Cocktail
201Freeplay Denton7/30/18DentonTXUSAnone611453CocktailGreen Rom
CollectorNoneJeff PetersSlat Lake CityUTUSA610343Cocktail
Pilgrams Knob WVnoneRoman MullinsPilgrams KnobVAUSA12/3/82606881CocktailBought at an entertainment auction in Seriverville TN for 430.00. When the bid came up it started having monitor issues and the assistant let the bidders know slowing the bid. Leaving Roman and one more person, 430 was as high as he could go_it was enough. Problem with the sync was a loose molex connector on the RAM board for the rgb/gs, five minute fix.
1668 Bit Arcade Renton WA10/9/17RentonWAUSA607833UprightGreen Rom
Silver Coin arcadenoneBradley CzechGreen BayWIUSACocktail
173Geeks Mania y11/2/17Kyle BaileyMadisonWIUSA1/3/83610206Cocktailfrom Tim Foley, 2017
Collector ynoneJames DexterManchesterUnited Kingdom1/18/82609629Cocktail
Collector ynoneJohn BudGlasgowUnited KingdomCocktail
Collector ynoneFernleyNVUSACocktailklov NevadaMAC
collectornoneEric BenderSan FranciscoCAUSA1/26/83611963CocktailSelling