Joust 2 Registry

This is the Joust 2 machine registry!

Rollover #LocationDate PlayedOwnerCityStateCountryWeb SiteDate CreatedSerial NumberMachine StyleMachine History  
Home Joust 2 MachineLonnie McDonaldGrandviewMOUSA # 1Prototype #1UprightJoust 2 Prototype # 1 Purchased from Joust Developer John Newcomer in 2013
CollectornoneDavid Curtis HillCorte MaderaCAUSA3035-U 51421Upright
Coin Op Hall of FamenoneEd BeelerHopewellPAUSA2/13/873035-U 51531Upright
CollectornoneEstil VanceDFWTXUSA3035-U 51117Upright
Morristown Game VaultDavidMorristownNJUSA3035-U 51226Upright
CollectornoneAgraGames CoinOp MuseumVenloLimburgNetherlands3035-U 51151UprightSporting an incorrect Side artCollector in Macomb MI Sold to coopwarehouse then to museum
CollectornoneJon KoolpeSan BrunoCAUSA3035-U 51656Upright
CollectornoneMike MahaffeyTigardORUSA3035-U 51140Upright
CollectornoneMike ZwaryczHarrimanNYUSA3035-U 51568Upright